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Humberside Police Apologise in Public Hearing for Wasting Peoples Time

Humberside Police Apologise in Public Hearing for Wasting Peoples Time

In an extraordinary turn of events in a hearing in Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire today (Friday 3 May 2013) to determine an extension of one hour to permit a well known respectable Cleethorpes night club to operate until 5am instead of 4am on the May Day and Whit Bank Holiday weekends Humberside Police withdrew their objections to a temporary event notice hours before the hearing following the premises agreeing to not permit new customers into the venue after 4am.

Humberside Police had previously said they would object to any extensions beyond 4am in Cleethorpes and Grimsby and did not want to discuss the matter. Litehouse on Sea Road Cleethorpes had previously benefited from extended hours over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend to 5am and were surprised when the police objected to the May Bank Holiday extensions, especially as the premises operate relatively trouble free.

Michael Kheng of Kurnia Licensing Consultants, acting for Litehouse Cleethorpes, expressed his disappointment and concern that the police had waited until the 11th hour to withdraw their objection as the matter still had to go before a licensing subcommittee of North East Lincolnshire Council. He informed the panel that the total cost of the hearing for all parties would be more than the premises would actual take over the bar in the extra hour.


Chairman of the subcommittee, Councillor S Beasant said when delivering the sub committees decision;

The Sub Committee noted that agreement had been reached, but that it had been at too late a stage for the police objection to be withdrawn.

They were minded to endorse the consensus reached over night, however were concerned that this agreement was reached at the eleventh hour and if resolved earlier could have saved the relevant authorities valuable time and expense’

Humberside Police have been criticized in a number of NE Lincs hearings recently for their lack of co-operation and discussion with premises.

Assistant force solicitor for Humberside Police Daniel Guiver told the hearing that Humberside Police has revised their policy and in future would discuss matters with premises. He apologised for the 11th hour agreement and on behalf of Humberside Police for wasting peoples time.

A number of licensees in Grimsby and Cleethorpes have expressed their disappointment in Humberside Police over recent times and one multiple operator said this move was ‘too little too late’ after costing their company thousands of pounds in legal fees.