Cleethorpes nightclub commended for ‘commitment to public safety’ despite rise in violent crime at venue

From The Grimsby Evening Telegraph 31 January 2013

A CLEETHORPES nightclub has been commended for its “commitment to public safety” despite an upsurge in violent crime at and around the venue.

According to Humberside Police, at least seven serious assaults took place at Hype, on Market Street, between November 1 and the beginning of December last year.

Sgt Caroline Cameron said the incidents had apparently been fuelled by the “consumption of excess alcohol, poor management of the venue and inadequate provision of door staff.”

However, North East Lincolnshire Council’s licensing sub-committee yesterday decided to impose just three new conditions on the premises, rejecting five others requested by the police.

The new conditions are:

A log book of incidents is kept at the premises.

All door staff keep in constant communication via a two-way radio after 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays.

All staff undergo training on preventing people in drink obtaining alcohol every six months.

Daniel Guiver, representing Humberside Police, told the hearing that the venue’s designated premises supervisor (DPS) Yaz Abu-Hassan had withdrawn a proposed license variation, containing the eight conditions, in December.

Sgt Cameron said that the trouble had “tailed off” since then, but added that an increased police presence outside the venue had acted as a deterrent.

Michael Kheng, speaking on behalf of Mr Abu-Hassan, said his client had been “forced into agreeing to six conditions” during a meeting with police – only to change his mind after seeking advice from licensing consultant Mr Kheng. The conditions included the supervision of outside smoking areas, attendance at Pub Watch meetings, and the adoption of a drugs policy.

Mr Kheng said that a request to discuss the conditions in more detail was refused by police.

He added that most of the incidents detailed by police happened outside the premises, including one when the venue was closed, and that incidents inside the nightclub were dealt with quickly by doorstaff.

He said: “What more could the premises have done? They have always co-operated with the police and given them CCTV footage.”

Announcing the committee’s decision, Councillor Ray Oxby said Hype had a “good track record of co-operation” and “commitment to public safety.”

He added: “Generally speaking, we feel that the venue has the procedures and systems in place and that the extra conditions being asked were not necessary.”

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Kheng said: “We are pleased that the committee has recognised that Hype is a well-run venue.

“However, we are disappointed that Humberside Police didn’t sit down and talk to us about this.

“We are very happy with the conditions, but we could have agreed those at a round-table meeting without the need for his hearing.”

Kurnia Licensing Consultants Comment:

After the client sought advice from Kurnia Licensing Consultants we agreed they had been pressured to to accepting conditions to be added to their premises licence via a minor variation. Examination of the conditions and evidence showed that 23 additional conditions were not necessary so the minor variation application was withdrawn and a request for a round table table meeting with the client and Humberside Police made. This request was refused and Humberside Police decided instead to submit an application to review the premises licence.

What could have been agreed around a table in an hour with minimal costs therefore had to be thrashed out at a contested hearing costing North East Lincolnshire Council, Humberside Police and the client. Kurnia Licensing Consultants estimate the total costs for all parties to be several thousand pounds. 


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