Can your customers see your bar before they visit?

I recently stumbled upon what I think to be a great marketing tool from Google, ‘Google Business Photos’. Increasingly people search for businesses online. Google’s Street-view can bring them down your road but Business Photos brings them right into your premises!

By clicking & dragging you can take a 360 degree virtual tour of the featured business. By clicking on the white arrows that appear on the floor you can move from room to room as well. Step outside and you are back on Google Street with a double arrow pointing towards your door. You can even get the frontage shot on Google Maps updated so if your frontage has changed since the Google car came down your road here’s a chance to get an update.

You don’t have to just leave it up to people to find you on Google Maps though. You can embed the link into your website, Facebook and Twitter. Even put a link on your email signature.

If you are proud of your venue why not show it off. I think customers will feel more comfortable coming for the first time if they have been able to have a wander around our venue in private before they come.

The first question I asked was ‘How much?’ I was pleasantly surprised for less than £500 I had The Cloud Bar in Lincoln up and running, less than the cost of a one off advert in the local paper. The great thing is once it’s loaded, it’s loaded and there’s no ongoing fee to pay, unless you refit and therefore need it doing all over again.

So impressed I am with the views of my bar that I’m recommending venues I think would benefit to have their premises done. I think it’s best to get in early before everyone joins in.

You can take a look at my bar at or go to Google Maps and then search Cloud Bar Lincoln. You can see more examples at (look at the Land Rover showroom under success stories where you can get in and out of the cars!)

A word of caution though, if you do decide on having your premises done be careful though as if you have the photos done when your Christmas decorations are up it might look good now but you need to remember what it’ll look like 12 months of the year.


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