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Kurnia Secure New Premises Licence Less Than Two Months After Previous One Was Revoked

Kurnia Secure New Premises Licence Less Than Two Months After Previous One Was Revoked

Kurnia Licensing Consultants of Lincolnshire secured a new premises licence for a restaurant in Mablethorpe less than two after a previous licence was revoked.

The premises, Indian Flavour on Mablethorpe’s High Street had it’s premises licence revoked on 2 October 2012 following a review being submitted by Lincolnshire Police as a result of illegal immigrates allegedly working at the premises. The police stated that on four occasions, July 2011, January 2012, April 2012 and June 2012 people at the premises were identified as being overstayers in the UK.

At the hearing in October the licensing sub-committee of East Lindsey District Council were told by Michael Kheng of Kurnia Licensing Consultants, acting for the Indian Flavour Restaurant, that the holder of the premises licence did not knowingly employ any person not permitted to work in the UK nor had UK Boarder Agency taken any action against the holder of the premises licence. The licence was revoked and Kurnia Licensing Consultants immediately lodged an appeal in the Lincolnshire Magistrates court.

Shortly after Kurnia Intertrade Limited, landlords of the restaurant, submitted an application for a new premises licence identical to that which was in place and was revoked. Lincolnshire Police objected to the application being granted and the matter was put before a different licensing sub-committee of East Lindsey District Council on 29 November 2012.

The police objections were identical to the reasons for the previous review although the application was a new application. Lincolnshire Police highlighted that it was important for the sub-committee to look at the history of the premises. Accordingly although the hearing was for a new licence Kurnia had to highlight that persons had to ‘knowingly’ be employed and without a premises licence an offence of this nature could still be committed.

The hearing lasted almost 3 hours with the application finally being granted as applied for. The appeal for the revocation of the former licence has now been withdraw.


Kurnia Exit Retailing 100% After the Sale of The Cloud Bar Lincoln

ImageKurnia’s last remaining trading outlet, The Cloud Bar in Lincoln’s historic Bailgate area has now been sold leaving company director Michael Kheng to concentrate on Kurnia Licensing Consultancy, a consultancy Michael set up over 7 years ago to assist the hospitality industry in legal and training matters. This marks an end of retailing for Kurnia who have operated bars and restaurants within Lincolnshire for well over 30 years.

Michael said ‘Although we are no longer retailing my company still retains the freehold of some pubs within our property portfolio so I guess we are still involved in a small way in retailing as I need to make sure our tenants in the sector are supported. My time is being taken up more and more dealing with licensing issues around the country and I found I had less time to commit to the retail side of the company. It will be sad in a way not to be retailing but life moves on and you have do what you enjoy doing. I have over 400 clients over England which certainly keeps me busy.’

The Cloud Bar has been taken over by a local company headed by Christopher Regan. Christopher has two other outlets in Lincoln and last year invested over £400,000 in the city’s Ye Olde Crowne Inn. Later this month Christopher will be opening the Lincolnshire Red Steak House on the site of a former city nightspot after a £300,000 refit investment. In addition to the three Lincoln venues Christopher is also owns the Broadstone Bar in Retford. Christopher has managed to achieve this in a very short time as he has only just turned 23. At 18 Christopher turned around a Manchester student bar after securing funds to buy the lease and then selling it on for a handsome profit. He then worked abroad in property development around the Red Sea before returning to England to start up in the hospitality sector. Christopher says his long term goal is to create a group of pubs and bars that are different, unique and fresh for the industry.

Christopher said ‘I have no major plans to change the Cloud Bar at this stage. I love the venue and the style fits well within our model. Once we have been trading there a while we will see if feel any changes are needed and if so then we shall look at implementing them in 2013.’

Can your customers see your bar before they visit?

I recently stumbled upon what I think to be a great marketing tool from Google, ‘Google Business Photos’. Increasingly people search for businesses online. Google’s Street-view can bring them down your road but Business Photos brings them right into your premises!

By clicking & dragging you can take a 360 degree virtual tour of the featured business. By clicking on the white arrows that appear on the floor you can move from room to room as well. Step outside and you are back on Google Street with a double arrow pointing towards your door. You can even get the frontage shot on Google Maps updated so if your frontage has changed since the Google car came down your road here’s a chance to get an update.

You don’t have to just leave it up to people to find you on Google Maps though. You can embed the link into your website, Facebook and Twitter. Even put a link on your email signature.

If you are proud of your venue why not show it off. I think customers will feel more comfortable coming for the first time if they have been able to have a wander around our venue in private before they come.

The first question I asked was ‘How much?’ I was pleasantly surprised for less than £500 I had The Cloud Bar in Lincoln up and running, less than the cost of a one off advert in the local paper. The great thing is once it’s loaded, it’s loaded and there’s no ongoing fee to pay, unless you refit and therefore need it doing all over again.

So impressed I am with the views of my bar that I’m recommending venues I think would benefit to have their premises done. I think it’s best to get in early before everyone joins in.

You can take a look at my bar at or go to Google Maps and then search Cloud Bar Lincoln. You can see more examples at (look at the Land Rover showroom under success stories where you can get in and out of the cars!)

A word of caution though, if you do decide on having your premises done be careful though as if you have the photos done when your Christmas decorations are up it might look good now but you need to remember what it’ll look like 12 months of the year.