Door Supervisor Crisis Looming?

Door Supervisor Crisis Looming?

It is interesting that the SIA are visiting licensees and authorities warning of the possibility of a shortage of door supervisors during the 2012 Olympics. As reported in last weeks PMA G4S look set to recruit around 10,000 registered door supervisors (who must have been registered for 2 years) for around six weeks. Although many licensees may have assurances from their door supervisor suppliers the attraction of a high rate of pay may see some door supervisors opting for the quick buck.

If your premises licence states you must have door supervisors and you are unable to obtain any your only legal option is to close. Could a variation of your premises licence be negotiated? I doubt. All police leave has been cancelled during the same period so police resources may also be deployed to Olympic sites leaving the local beats stretched so the police will be looking for all the support they can have.

You might be able to threaten to your current door supervisors that if they leave you for the best part of the summer then you will not employ them again but if you are in an area where there is not an abundance of door supervisors then you might not have much option but to re-employ them.
A SIA representative attended a recent Pubwatch meeting in Skegness and licensees were horrified in the prospect of being left with no door supervisors and not having any options but to close if they could not find replacements. One licensee said he was thinking of putting some of his bar staff through the door supervisor training, with Kurnia, to ensure that should a problem arise he would have cover. Remember though if you decide to do this then as an employer you will have to be registered as a non front line door supervisor as a minimum. All this is adds costs and paperwork to your business.

What does seem crazy is that the government are introducing a scheme called ‘Bridging the Gap’ that will permit students to work at Olympic sites that have received training and undergone a CRB check. What the government are saying that it’s OK for a student to do some rush training and get a CRB and then work but a qualified, registered door supervisor who has only been licensed for a year and a half and has maybe worked in some of the busiest venues in the UK cannot. I ask is that right?

If you employ door supervisors you need to be seriously thinking about this potential problem now as July will soon be upon us.


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