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When is a Condition not Condition?

When is condition not a condition?

So we all know that conditions on a premises licence are applicable when a licensable activity takes place. You don’t have to have door supervisors on duty, for example, when you are closed, nor do you have to carry out certain checks whilst closed. In a pub when you open it is logical that you are selling alcohol whilst open so therefore a condition for CCTV would be in force whilst open, but not whilst closed.

What about off licences though? Take a corner shop main selling newspapers and milk and occasionally sells a can of lager. When is the shop subject to a licensable activity? When it opens or when it sells the alcohol? if there was a condition for CCTV would the premises only have to record images when a licensable activity takes place and not for the period the shop was open?

I would like to hear peoples views on his on as I think this could be a very interesting topic.

– Michael Kheng